While every website is different and should be tailored to the site’s purpose, I understand the need for businesses just starting to control costs.  While a fully custom site may be ideal, budget-wise, a start small approach with controlled costs may suit your needs.  At the end of this page I’ve inserted some of my BASIC rates, which will give you an idea of how much you can expect for your dollar.


The following items are the common costs in any website…

  1. Registering a domain name
  2. Hosting your site
  3. Designing your site
  4. Maintaining your site
  5. Paying search engine registration fees

Choosing and Registering a Domain Name

Registering a domain name ( is the easiest and cheapest part of getting a website. You can register a domain name for about $12-$15 per year. The registration needs to be renewed every year, or you can just register the name for several years. For most businesses, the .com version of the domain is the only one you’ll need. If you can’t get the .com domain name you want, either create an alternative name or consider the .net, .org, .us (or other country suffix), or .biz versions – but it’s best to have the .com.

Hosting Your Site

To get your website on the Internet, you have to rent space on a computer that has high speed Internet access. This is called hosting. Hosting prices typically run from $5 to $50 per month for full service hosting. There may also be an initial set up fee. Some firms require yearly payments in advance and others require monthly payments. If you shop around, you can find inexpensive hosting, but you may give up important features.

Selecting a web host can be difficult. Careful comparison of features, your needs, and the costs can sometimes be frustrating. Design firms, like, can help you with those decisions.  We have our own inexpensive hosting plans through our sister site  Or if you have hosting or another firm in mind, we’ll assist in getting your site uploaded or published.

Designing Your Site

Designing your site is usually where most of your expense will be.  Prices can vary based on what you want or need on your site, the designer’s rates, your site’s size, software or script development, artwork and copy-writing.

Prices for a single page site can start at $25, while multiple page sites, increasing in complexity and interactivity can vary from $50 to hundreds of dollars.  Occasionally the cost may include licensing for pre-designed software for dynamic manipulation or custom features.

Maintaining Your Site

Once your site is on the Internet, keeping it there can be fairly cheap. To keep your site online, you have to pay your monthly hosting fee and annual domain name renewal. You can keep a site on the Internet for anywhere from $5 to $50 per month. You can maintain your site yourself, or if you require no updates then usually there are no site maintenance charges.  You may have the design firm update, maintain, or monitor performance, but expect to pay for an hour or two of labor per month.

Paying Search Engine Registration Fees

Some search engines charge to list your site. Others charge just to review them and do not guarantee to list them after the review. Still others list your site and rank it by how much you pay.

It is not realistic to define search engine fees here. Rates are constantly changing and the search engine that is free today may charge tomorrow. Furthermore, the relationships between search engines change frequently as well (they form partnerships and share listings.) But to give you an estimate, you should expect to pay about $500 in search engine registration fees.

When you talk to your designer, be sure that search engine fees are discussed. There is little point in getting a beautiful site and then not listing it with the most popular search engines.

Costs for BASIC Website Designs and Elements:

Starter Website Design Package:  $30.00

Includes a single page, two screens long, no more than 3 images including the header, and an email contact or an order link for a single product.  Perfect for the site promoting a single product or service, vanity or personal site.

Standard Website Design Package:  $50.00

Includes up to three pages, two screens long each, internally linked, no more than 12 images for the entire site, including any header images.  One feedback form which emails comments to owner.


Additional Website Design Elements or Services:

Additional Pages:  $20.00 each


WordPress Website Design Package:  $75.00

Includes up to set up and installation of a site based on the WordPress software.  WP will allow you to manage your site, post updates, add pages and media without my intervention after initial setup and design.  Perfect for starter blogs and commerce sites

Stock Scripts or Forms Installed:  $5.00 per instance  (Pop Up, Pop Under, Image Enlarged from Thumbnail, etc.)

Custom Scripts or Forms:  $15 to $50 per instance  (Price based on complexity, function, amount of hand coding, and usage.)

Search Engine Optimization:  $50 per page  (Includes Keyword Research, Meta-Tag Population, Embedded Content and Posting to Free Submission Engines) (Submission to paid submit Search Engines is Price to submit plus 10%)

Other Design Services and Site Complexities:  Request Price Quote  (Full e-commerce sites, database interactivity, content management systems, image/banner creation or manipulation, etc.)

Web Hosting Services:

Web Hosting Services are provided by our partner site:  WranglerHosting.    Hosting packages Start at $5.00 per month or $50.00 per year in advance (Saves you $10).  Standard site includes 50 Megabytes storage, virtually unlimited bandwidth, 3 email addresses, 2 databases, FTP Access and a website Control Panel Interface for starters!


The cost will depend on what you need in your site and how much work the designer must do to accomplish your goals.  To get a good estimate for your site, define what you need as carefully as possible and contact several designers for cost estimates.

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